Ad-funded Games As Easy As 123

Ad-funded mobile games website has launched, offering over 40 mobile games for download for free. has partnered with a number of games companies, including THQ Wireless, RealArcade, Digital Chocolate, Hands-On Mobile, Vivendi Games Mobile, PlayerX, Indiagames and Progressive Media, to offer a portfolio of high quality ad-funded mobile games exclusively to UK mobile owners.
When mobile owners launch a game on their mobile, they see a few seconds of advertising. If consumers like what they see and want to visit the advertisers website on their phone, they simply click on the ad; if they dont, the game will start. Theres no registration process and no limit on the number of games that can be downloaded; the only cost comes from the game connecting to 123plays ad server via the network each time its launched.
According to research from M:Metrics, in the UK, 29% of consumers regularly play games on their mobile handsets.
The variety of games on offer through our site means theres a game thats right for everyone, and our advertisers know that they are not just getting access to a broad audience, but to the right audience, says Founder and CEO, Markus Ramark. For consumers, its a no-brainer: they get quality mobile games in just a few seconds, without getting hit in the pocket.
Adam Comiskey, Worldwide Vice-President of THQ Wireless adds:
In the mobile games industry, creating and publishing games is a huge investment of resources, so creating awareness with as many consumers as possible is always a priority. Ad-funded gaming is an important complimentary business model in an industry that is constantly evolving, and its through innovators like 123play, that are looking at new ways to capture the publics attention, that mobile gaming will continue to grow and mature as an industry.