Adapt or disappear

Kübra Külünk, marketing specialist at App Samurai, says brands need to wake up to the fact that the world is going mobile, and make sure their own mobile offerings are up to scratch.

The world is going mobile. The rapid growth in the mobile ecosystem impacts every segment of the internet. According to one study, the number of mobile user is 4.6bn, or 66 per cent of the world’s total population. It is foreseen that over 6bn consumers will be connected to the internet via a mobile device by 2020.

The question is: Are you ready for a mobile world? Have you thought about how to optimize your site for mobile search? Have you thought to develop your own app? Should you use mobile advertising?

Recent user behaviour reports show that users are spending far more time on mobile apps than on the mobile web each day.

Consumers use mobile apps for anything from shopping to entertainment. As a brand, you have two choices: adapt or disappear. In short, you should take steps to ensure you get your slice of the cake.

You can start by developing your own app to reach potential customers. Many firms of all sizes are doing so. Then, you should strategize how to reach your potential customers. You have many options to accomplish this. One of them is through mobile app advertising, which is our core business as App Samurai.

What is App Samurai?
App Samurai is a self-service mobile advertising tool that lets app owners, advertisers or marketers create, manage, and measure mobile ad campaigns to acquire qualified users. We know mobile ad creation, execution and analysis can be hard for anyone, especially startups. Thanks to our smart dashboard showing all the performance metrics about in-app events, you can easily create your ad campaign (boost campaigns, acquisition campaigns, and video campaigns), measure how your app is doing in app stores and reach your goals.

What does App Samurai offer?
After a flying start in the market in June 2016, we have accumulated a huge amount of data through reaching more than 1.2bn mobile users via 50,000 publishers. With the help of this data, we are able to predict the best traffic sources from over 1m sub-publishers, for the benefit of your apps.

If you are familiar with mobile advertising, you’ll know that ad fraud is a problem. Reports estimate that $1 of every $3 spent on online advertising is lost to fraud. To combat this issue, one of our primary focus is eliminating fraudulent sources using click spam detection, virtual device detection, and VPN protection.

We also offer integration with the major tracking providers such as TUNE, Adjust and others. Your data is automatically passed to App Samurai and optimized by our system. Also, by adding third party tools, you can create the best and most optimized ad spend plan and track every significant key metric.

All in all, App Samurai helps you to boost your app downloads and eliminate the ineffective channels to hit your app goals. Sign up for free here to start tracking the all-important metrics for your app.