AdBlock Plus Launches Ad-free Web Browser for iOS and Android

AdBlock-Plus-Android-BrowserAdBlock Plus has launched its AdBlock Browser app on iOS and Android, enabling users to remove almost all ads from the mobile web.

The Android version has been in beta for the past few months, but is now available through the Google Play store. The iOS version, compatible with iOS 8.0 and up, was developed in partnership with Salsita, building on its existing iOS browser, Kitt.

The launch comes ahead of the Apple event later today, which AdBlock Plus anticipates will include the official announcement of ad blocking on iOS 9, after reports that it will be supported in the forthcoming update to Safari.

Elsewhere, YouTube has reportedly started bypassing ad blockers. Chrome users have reported seeing pre-roll ads on the video site, despite having an ad blocking plug-in installed. Whats more, the ads arent presenting users with the TrueView option to skip, meaning they have to watch the full ad – which, in some cases, are multiple minutes long.

According to Neowin, this is a bug rather than an intentional change by Google. Nevertheless, its a sign that combating ad blocking technology is well within the the companys capabilities, if it ever decided to go down that route.

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