Adblock Plus Launches Web Browser for Android

Ad Block Plus TillAdblock Plus has launched a web browser app for Android, bringing the ad blocker software back to the Play Store for the first time since its app was removed back in early 2013 due to “interference with another service or product” .

Its unclear whether Adblock Browser is due to meet the same fate – the app hasnt yet been cleared to appear on the Play Store – but its possible that by funnelling the ad blocking tech into its own web browser, Adblock will sidestep some of the issues encountered by its dedicated app.

As with Adblocks browser plug-ins on desktop, the app doesnt block all ads, just those that are deemed annoying. The company has a whitelist for acceptable ads, which the likes of Google, Amazon and Microsoft all reportedly pay to be included on.

By blocking these ads, the browser – which is built on an open-source version of Firefox – also promises users a faster and safer web experience, by removing ad load times and malware that some ads can contain.

“As people have embraced the mobile web, advertisers have rushed in after them and destroyed the user experience with ads that are often thoughtlessly designed, as well as mobile ad networks that are riddled with security holes,” said Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus. “Adblock Browser for Android puts the control back into users’ hands.”

Adblocks app is one of a few efforts to offer mobile users an ad-free web experience – last week we looked into Shine, a company that install software at the operators end to block all mobile ads over their networks.