Adbrain Launches Audience Buying Platform in Beta

Alex Spencer

AdbrainAdbrain has officially launched its programmatic mobile audience buying platform in private beta.

For the beta, Adbrain has partnered with agencies and trading desks including Omnicom, M&C Saatchi and Somo, to test the platform ahead of its wider release later this year.

The platform's biggest selling point, according to Adbrain CEO Gareth Davies, is its ability to “bridge the gap by identifying users across devices. We can build a very rich audience profile, starting with smartphone, and then use our algorithms to build a correlation on tablet and even desktop.

“Once you've got a high degree of confidence about identifying a user on mobile device, you can look for behavioural patterns – the devices are often paired to the same wi-fi, at the same time of day. From there we use a probabilistic model, based on deep learning AI, which says there's a high degree of probability that it's the same person.”

Adbrain was first founded in November 2012, but officially launched as a company last July, backed up by $1.5m (£0.9m) in seed funding.

The platform has actually been running in alpha with the same partners for a while – Davies admitted not much has changed with the onset of beta, but said that it was intending to begin testing in the US 'very soon'. As for the full launch, Davies said “we haven't committed to an exact month yet”, but hinted that the beta would run “into Q2”.