AdColony and Pixalate enter fraud prevention partnership

Man suit mobile smartphoneMobile advertising company AdColony has linked up with Pixalate, a fraud intelligence firm, to tackle digital ad fraud within mobile app environments.

AdColony says it selected Pixalate based on its ability to audit served and viewable in-app impressions across display and video, as well as its invalid traffic detection, filtration, and granular insights into fraud.

“We’ve decided to double down on transparency and security for our advertisers,” said Paul Fields, director of strategic partnerships at AdColony. “We’ve taken multiple actions to ensure that nothing can be sold on our platform unless we have absolute certainty about it, and this is yet another step toward 100 per cent accountability. End results are ultimately what advertisers care about, but what happens before the ad gets shown is important too.”

The company already has Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) certification and full compatibility with viewability measurement firms Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, and Moat. Now, on the back of its partnership with Pixalate, it says it will look to support new anti-ad fraud initiatives, such as the IAB’s app-ads.txt specification.

“We are committed to providing the best solutions and the highest degree of transparency and accountability possible for our partners,” said Fields. “We will continue to put our beliefs and values into action by creating more partnerships like this, and supporting controls that will move the industry forward by levelling the playing field for all.”