Addictive Creates 'Toyota Quick Drive Home' App

David Murphy

Addictive Mobility has created an iPhone application for Toyota that combines GPS technology with a user-friendly interface to provide Canadian, iPhone-owning Toyota drivers with an easy way to find their nearest Canadian Toyota dealerships.
The Toyota Quick Drive Home application maps out the nearest Canadian Toyota dealerships closest to the user, who can then choose which dealership they would like to visit. With a touch of the screen, the application guides the user with turn-by-turn directions and a overall map view of the journey.
Using the applications GPS Speed Dial feature, users can store custom locations such as Home, Workplace or other points of interest. Directions are provided to such stored points of interest, based on the current location.
The application can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore, and according to Addictive Mobility, has already seen a tremendous number of downloads.
I am excited to see the evolution from text to mobile web to applications, and what better device than the iPhone to power it, says Addictive Mobility CEO, Nussar Ahmad.
A mobile site has also been developed for the launch of the new Toyota Venza at: The bilingual site allows users to find a dealer based on listings by city and province, and also details the car's interior and exterior features. Theres also a photo gallery and a Send a Reminder feature to get more information. The site was created in conjuction with Saatchi & Saatchi Canada.