Addictive Powers Festival Promotion

Canadian music and film festival North by Northeast gave festival goers an interactive experience with help from key sponsor Rogers Wireless, and its interactive billboard powered by Addictive Mobility when the event was staged earlier this month.
Two digital screens were located at the heart of the event in Yonge-Dundas Square in the Rogers Wireless booth. A bigger screen was deployed outside the booth to entice festival-goers to enter the tent and learn about Rogers Wireless bundles, while a smaller LCD screen was located inside. Thanks to text-to-screen technology, festival-goers were able to send messages from their phones and see them displayed on the screens. The messages were first moderated by Addictive Mobility before being viewed by thousands of music fans and passers-by in downtown Toronto.
Addictive Mobility powered the text-to-screen technology and animated the unique digital billboard signage for Rogers Wireless. The full colour screens boasted innovative designs which, unlike traditional scrolling text marquees, popped animated messages right when mobile users submitted them via text messaging. Users were sent two messages back – one confirming that the message had been received; the  other a WAP push which offered music to be downloaded to the users mobile phone through the Rogers Music Store. The company also used the event to promote, an online and mobile community for independent artists and fans.
The annual festival was held in Toronto from 7 10 June. Musicians and music lovers congregated at the festival to share views on music during conferences, and enjoyed performances from over 450 bands, playing at almost 30 live music venues. 
This is the second live to screen promotion managed by Addictive Mobility in conjunction with Gridcast Media, whose previous project included Calvin Kleins CKIN2U text-to-screen promotion in downtown Toronto. The campaign initiative was organized by Hive Strategic Marketing. You can see the screens in action here and here.