Adding Whatsapp to your Shopify customer journey

As the use of WhatsApp continues to skyrocket in eCommerce, companies are using the WhatsApp Business solution to send notifications, handle inquiries, personalise marketing, and more. This WhatsApp Shopify guide will help you leverage WhatsApp and boost your customer engagement strategy — from sending notifications for purchases and cancellations, to shipping confirmations and much more. The WhatsApp Business solution can be easily integrated into Shopify or similar platforms, making customer journey more personalized and frictionless.

Download your complimentary copy of the WhatsApp Shopify guide to see:

  • The requirements needed to get started.
  • How the integration works (from tyntec and Shopify).
  • Notification use-cases and how to implement them in your shop.
  • How you can enable messaging for conversational commerce.

Your complimentary copy from Mobile Marketing Magazine includes must-read recommendations to inspire you with WhatsApp Business! If this is interesting, you can schedule a personal consultation with tyntec, free of charge.