Adele Tops Shazam Search Charts

Adele“Hello” by Adele was the most-searched for song globally on Shazam in November. The track made the top 10 Shazamed titles in 2,578 cities out of 4,900 sampled as part of a project commissioned by the BBC looking at the music people search for on their phones.

The popularity of the Adele track also led to a spike in searches for the Lionel Ritchie song of the same name, but only in Angola and Iran. Other popular songs included Major Lazers “Lean On”, which was in the top 10 in 1,062 cities, and Drakes “Hotline Bling”, which made the top 10 in 777 cities.

A report on the BBC website explains how the broadcaster has used the data to discover musical “twin towns” – places a long way away from each other geographically, but that share similar tastes in music.

This unlikely, and perhaps slightly pointless, exercise, reveals that the residents of Nuuk in Greenland – the worlds northernmost capital – share similar musical tastes with the good people of Surabaya, Indonesia. Bournemouth and Abu Dhabi are also revealed as musical bedfellows, thanks to a shared love of “In2” from hip-hop band WSTRN.

And while Western artists such as Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are heavily searched-for in places such as Bangladesh, China and Peru, all of the top 10 songs Shazamed in the UK and Australia were performed in English. The same was largely true in the US, except for a handful of Spanish tracks.