Viant's Adelphic delivers programmatic audio inventory via Rubicon Project

Tyrone Stewart

AdelphicAdelphic, a self-service platform for cross-channel programmatic advertising, has used an integration with Rubicon Project to provide advertisers and brands with a means to buy and manage domestic and international premium digital audio advertising inventory including TuneIn, TargetSpot, and others.

The move gives Adelphic’s clients access to audio inventory from over 216 countries, as well as more than 1,000 private audio marketplaces. With this offering, the Viant-owned DSP promises brand safe inventory, isolated experiences with highly engaged audience, and environment not impacted by ad blocking.

“Not only does programmatic audio round out advertisers’ larger omnichannel campaign efforts, but it brings needed innovation to a brand’s local and regional advertising efforts,” said Alex Perrin, vice president of programmatic strategy at Adelphic. “Traditionally, marketers and advertisers relied on local radio and niche digital strategies; we’re excited to offer tools delivering highly personalised real-time targeting and bid management capabilities that are effective for any campaign.”