Adfonic Post Tracks Apple UDID Ban

Mobile ad network Adfonic has joined the conversation on Apples decision to deprecate UDIDs, with a blog post entitled UDIDs are on the way out, but don’t panic. The post covers what exactly UDIDs are, and why theyve attracted concerns, as well as laying out what Apples move means, and what alternatives are available for mobile marketers.

“While the amount of UDID-enabled inventory will wane over time, our platform will ensure that campaigns are served only where they can be reliably tracked. We will be updating our install tracking sample code to utilise OpenUDID and ODIN-1 identifiers,” says Adfonic CTO Wes Biggs in the post. “While this may seem like an uncertain time, it’s merely another exciting evolution point on the timeline of the app ecosystem. With cool heads and clear objectives, we’re confident the industry will converge on common practices that not only provide a replacement to UDIDs, but accelerate innovation and adoption within the mobile advertising space.”

You can read the full post here.