Adform Spins Out DMP into Standalone Audience Base

AdformAd tech company Adform has launched its DMP (Data Management Platform) as a standalone solution that can be integrated into existing systems.

This shift in approach comes along with an new name for the platform, now known as Audience Base.

The DMP was first launched in 2014, and is currently used by over 400 clients including Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Bahn.

Adform says going standalone is a direct response to feedback from major clients, who highlighted the complete absence in the market of a flexible, cost-efficient and powerful way to effectively and seamlessly use their data across the advertising ecosystem.

“Over the years, our Audience Base clients have enjoyed incredible success with their cross-channel data-driven campaigns,” said Adform SVP Jochen Schlosser. “Up until today, Audience Base was exclusively offered as part of our full ad tech stack, but we decided to offer it as a standalone platform in response to popular customer demand. Many agencies, brands and publishers work with several ad tech platforms and need an independent DMP solution, along with a strong service setup and we feel Audience Base delivers exactly this.”