Adidas Expands Trainer Customisation with Photo Print App

adidas appSportswear manufacturer Adidas has expanded its efforts in trainer customisation with the introduction of the Mi ZX Flux app, which enables users to order shoes printed with a photo taken on their smartphone.

Adidas efforts in the world of customisation have been running for several years through its “mi adidas” program, which allows consumers to order trainers with individually selected colour schemes. However, the Mi ZX Flux app takes this customisation to a new level.

The ZX Flux shoe design was launched several months ago, and has become popular thanks to its classic profile. It is one of almost 100 designs that customers can individualise with colour selections and other personal touches. The new app enables users to superimpose a photograph across the whole surface of the shoe, and encourages them to share the resulting designs on social media.

“The #miZXFLUX app offers a truly unique chance to watch a design come to life – with a personal touch like never before,” said Adidas in a statement. The app and customised shoes are currently only available in a limited number of countries, but Adidas have plans to expand the service in the future.