Adidas Mobile Store Locator Worth $3.20 Per Click

Adidas worked with iProspect to measure the ROI of its mobile store locators by working out how many consumers using them then came in store to purchase a product.

Using Adidas’ internal data, they took the number of clicks on store locators that resulted in a visit – 20 per cent – multiplied this by the conversion rate in store – 20 per cent, slightly more than usual due to added intent of searching for the store –  and multiplied by an AOV of $80. This meant that each click on an Adidas store locator on mobile was worth $3.20. Adidas then used these findings to optimise their store locator placing, resulting in 680 incremental lift in ROI.
“Adidas has always felt like mobile is the right thing to do,” said Nicole Mills, senior digital marketing manager for eCommerce at Adidas. “It’s really the ability to connect the investment to the return. After this case study, we now can apply some of these assumptions to then net a positive ROI.”