Adidas Terrex pushes F23 Adventure Wardrobe range with ‘Whatever Your Summit, You’re Good to Go global social campaign

Adidas Terrex has launched a global, social campaign, ‘Whatever Your Summit, You’re Good to Go”, showcasing its new F23 “Adventure Wardrobe” range. Created by Iris, the campaign brings to life the passion people have for the great outdoors and aims to educate conscious adventurers about the art of layering up.

As part of the campaign, a 40-second reel will launch across the Adidas Terrex Instagram channel, showing people tackling Terrex’s core activities, including hiking, trail running and snow sports. The reel showcases the Terrex FW23 Adventure Wardrobe, which focuses on a layering system of base, mid, insulation and outer layer, all of which are unique to each adventurer’s activity and environment.

In addition to the reel, the campaign also enables people to discover the Adventure Wardrobe range through the creation of the Adventure Wardrobe Builder. A first for Adidas Terrex, this tool will enable consumers to build their ideal wardrobe, based on the layering method, to ensure they are properly equipped for every adventure. Global retail assets and a toolkit for consumer activations have also been designed for Terrex’s global operational markets to adapt and localise.