AdJitsu Brings 3D Ads to Mobile

Andy Penfold

Mobile advertising company Amobee has announced a new partnership with Cooliris, a company that provides 3D advertising campaigns. 

Cooliris's 3D ad business, named AdJitsu, will allow Amobee to implement immersive 3D technology into its mobile advertising campaigns, according to the company. 

"Mobile advertising must be fun," says Trevor Healy, Amobee CEO. "When ads become interactive visual artwork, mobile advertising is incredibly engaging and effective. We intend to leapfrog iAd and drive mobile advertising to an entirely new experience."

Cooliris's technology has already been deployed in a Samsung Galaxy S II ad campaign on the iPad platform, and the company says its ads are differentiated by immersive environments, instantaneous banner expansions and touch interactions.

"Amobee's leading-edge mobile advertising platform makes them an ideal partner to bring our stunning immersive 3D ad experiences to the largest advertisers and customers worldwide," says Soujanya Bhumkar, Cooliris co-founder and CEO. "Our alliance will raise the bar in mobile display advertising to unprecedented heights."