Adjust is now using machine learning and AI to stop in-app bots

Fraud preventer and measurement company Adjust has launched a standalone product to help stop in-app bot fraud by using machine learning, AI and natural user flow.

The company says its Unbotify product, which uses biometric sensor data, can help reduce bot fraud which costs businesses money but also takes over accounts with purchases, spam which can harm retention rates, user experience and can skew in-app analytics figures.

The company says bots can affect apps in the following ways:

  • Attack gaming communities
  • Steal credit card data
  • Scalp limited edition items from e-commerce businesses
  • Spam users on dating sites

Paul H. Müller, co-founder and CTO at Adjust commented, “Unbotify’s product adds another arrow to Adjust’s quiver, and forms the foundation of our next-generation in-app fraud protection tools. Our behavioral-biometrics solution detects bots in real-time and offers the best possible insurance to protect the user experience.”  

Unbotify will be available separately from Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite, which stops ad fraud-performance-based fraud that directly steals ad money from an app’s marketing budget. The company says Unbotify can be implemented alongside Adjust’s or another vendors’ attribution service.

Research from Unbotify estimates that some of today’s biggest mobile apps lose around 10 per cent of their revenue to bot fraud – and with the global app economy expected to surpass $120bn by the end of 2019, bots bring apps success into disrepute.

The launch follows Adjust’s acquisition of Unbotify in January and the company’s bot-deterring solution is used by some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies in the e-commerce, social, search and gaming verticals across the U.S. and Europe.

Watch Adjusts video on its bot-fraud product