AdMarvel Strikes Crisp Deal

Crisp Wireless, a universal rich media ad platform provider, and AdMarvel, which provides mobile advertising services, have announced a partnership to bring Crisp’s rich media ads to AdMarvel’s customers.

AdMarvel now supports Crisp rich media ad formats both in-app and on the web, which means that AdMarvel will be able to deliver Crisp ads to smartphones and tablets, including Android devices and Apple’s iPhone and iPad, enabling advertisers to create cross-platform campaigns with rich ad formats and unified engagement reporting.

“Crisp rich media ads leverage the unique capabilities of smartphones and tablets to deliver a level of richness and interaction in mobile ads that enhances our ability to deliver innovative ad units to our publishers,” says  Mark D. Fruehan, EVP of Sales at AdMarvel. “The combination of AdMarvel’s ad serving and optimization technology and Crisp’s ad formats and analytics gives our network of publishers and developers more rich media options to maximize mobile revenue and user engagement.”

Crisp’s rich media ad formats include expandable, location-aware, tap-to-video, interstitials with embedded video,and  ads with social media capabilities, and can run in-app or on the web through AdMarvel. Crisp also features a fixed placement ad technology, Adhesionä, which runs on mobile and desktop websites across smartphones and tablets.

“Today’s agreement with AdMarvel reinforces our b roader strategy of enabling agencies to develop engaging ads that can run across platforms and devices,” says Crisp’s chief revenue officer, Tom Foran. “Our unified report provides a holistic view of campaign performance across the entire spectrum of devices – smartphones, tablets and even PCs.”