AdMaxim Launches Programmatic Native Ad Platform

native.lyMobile advertising firm AdMaxim has launched a programmatic native advertising platform called which it says integrates every high quality native format and creative option within one real-time optimisation and precision audience targeting system. provides tools for advanced targeting across native campaigns, using audience segmentation, device and connection type targeting, location, live data, dynamic creative optimisation, and private marketplace deals.

“We believe native will be a key pillar in the future of digital advertising technology,” said AdMaxim CEO, Sultan Khan. “It’s going to vastly improve the user experience for consumers in terms of advertising formats, as well as drive much better results for advertisers and help publishers to generate incremental revenues. Adoption will grow even more rapidly over the next few years.

“Combining the potential of mobile and native represents a particularly strong proposition for marketers, so we deliberately set out to build a true end-to-end system that offers marketers the flexibility to use any native format or creative approach they want, combined with precision data optimization.”