AdMob Launches Facebook Solution

AdMob has announced the launch of AdMob for Facebook Mobile, its advertising solution for developers of third-party applications for Facebook. The Facebook Platform for Mobile allows developers to build mobile web applications for the fast-growing social community. AdMob has enabled optimised mobile ads for Facebook Mobile, which developers can use to monetise their mobile applications. Developers can start showing ads and earning money immediately.
AdMob for Facebook Mobile is the first monetisation solution for Facebook Mobile developers. Developers will have access to the worlds largest mobile advertising marketplace, currently serving over 1.5 billion ads per month. AdMob serves highly-targeted ads to enable advertisers to reach their audience. Using AdMob, developers retain complete control over the ads appearing in their application and will take advantage of mobile advertising leaders industry leading fill rates to create a consistent revenue stream.
It is exciting to see great new user experiences like Facebook for mobile devices, says AdMob CEO and Founder, Omar Hamoui. AdMobs mobile platform empowers advertisers and application developers to take advantage of the growth of the mobile web by serving high quality targeted ads that users will value.
AdMob says it is also committed to making it easier for developers to build mobile applications. The company has released the code for a sample application, AdMob Footprints, which is a working example of a mobile application. This sample application can be used as a starting point for additional development.
Integration is simple, and instructions can be found here. Developers include a file in their existing applications and add a few lines of code to begin monetising their Facebook Mobile applications with AdMob advertising.