AdMob Releases iPad SDK

AdMob has released a software development kit (SDK) for advertising in iPad apps. The SDK supports two ad formats in native iPad apps: text & tile ads and image ads. Both formats are available in the three IAB standard ad sizes: 300×250, 728×90, and 468×60.

The SDK is unified across all devices running the iPhone OS, which means that developers can download one binary for development across all Apple iPhone OS devices – iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The text & tile ad formats contain the same 35 characters as AdMob’s standard CPC text ads and can be created directly in the AdMob interface. The 35 characters of text are automatically re-formatted into all three ad sizes depending on which size ads publishers have implemented in their app.

Image ads become broadly available starting next week. AdMob is recommending that advertisers using image ads provide all three ad sizes to maximize the reach of their campaign. In a blog post, Admob shows examples of ads that it has mocked up to show what’s possible.

Publishers can download the iPad SDK by logging into their AdMob account and selecting ‘Add Site/App’ from the ‘Sites & Apps’ tab in the navigation bar located at the top of the page.

Advertisers can get started with iPad advertising by logging in to their AdMob account, selecting ‘Create New Ad Campaign’ followed by ‘Create New Ad Group’, selecting the ad group goal and setting targeting to iPad.

AdMob has also released iPad stats from its May metrics report. 38 per cent of the unique iPad devices in AdMob’s network came from outside of the US last month. AdMob served ads on approximately 850,000 unique iPad devices in May. And the Top 5 iPad countries in AdMob’s network, based on the number of unique devices, were the US (58 per cent), Japan (5 per cent), UK (4 per cent), China (4 per cent), and Canada (3 per cent).