AdMob Reveals Mobile Ad Stats

David Murphy

Mobile advertising marketplace AdMob has released the first of its periodic reports on data and trends in the mobile market. The report can be downloaded for free
The report covers the 1.5 billion ads served in the month of September and includes manufacturer, device and country-specific data on AdMob's top four markets by impressions served: US, UK, India and South Africa. AdMob plans to add additional countries and handset capability data in future releases. AdMob expects to release new free reports on a periodic basis in the hope of creating transparency in the emerging realm of mobile advertising.

AdMob is in the unique position of serving billions of banner and text ads per month for our publisher and advertiser partners," says AdMob Vice President, Marketing, Jason Spero. We leverage our network data to improve targeting and optimise ad serving. We are happy to share this data with the community to empower advertisers and content developers."

AdMobs statistics cover the penetration of individual devices, and device capabilities. As an example, the report allows advertisers to understand the reach of video-capable devices as they plan mobile video campaigns. The report also finds that three of the top five devices in the US are Smartphones; the iPhone is already generating meaningful mobile web traff; and internationally, all 10 of the top 10 devices in India are made by Nokia.

During the month of September, North America was responsible for most of the 1.59 billion ad impressions on the AdMob network, achieving 703.9 million impressions, 44.2% of the total. Asia was second with 355.4 million (22.3%), followed by Africa with 148.5 million (9.3%); and Western Europe with 147.9 million (9.3%).

The data was collected using AdMobs first-hand access into mobile activity, through its ad-serving activities to a wide variety of partner sites, ranging from large media companies like ESPN, CBS and Weather Underground to innovative mobile content sites such as Peperonity, Itsmy, Fotochatter and Flirtomatic. In doing so, the mobile advertising company collects a great deal of data on the activity within the mobile marketplace. For every request, it analyses information available from the user's mobile browser. From this, the company determines device capabilities and more by using both proprietary and open source methods.