AdMob Running At 2bn Ad Requests Per Day

Google’s AdMob network is receiving more than 2bn ad requests each day. The figure has more than quadrupled over the last 12 months, according to a blog post from Harsh Shah, one of the Google Mobile Ads marketing team.

The number of unique Android and iOS devices requesting an ad has more than doubled over the last six months to more than 100m each month. Nine countries in the AdMob network generated more than 1bn monthly ad requests in December 2010, up from just one country a year ago.

The strongest regional growth in monthly ad requests over the past year has come from Asia (564 per cent), Western Europe (471 per cent) and Oceania (363 per cent). N. America grew by 266 per cent, Latin America by 256 per cent, Eastern Europe by 247 per cent, and Africa by 81 per cent.