AdMob Trials Geo-targeted Mobile Ads

AdMob is trialling its geo-targeted ad serving technology with location-aware dating site in the UK.

Focusing on iPhone and iPod Touch handsets, the technology enables the online dating service to target users based on their real-time location, enabling to serve a more specific and relevant ad. The campaign targets young professionals in London who are looking for love.

AdMob’s geo-targeted graphic banner ad format will run across the website and applications within its network in order to drive consumers in London to the dating website.

“Our current strategy is to focus on expanding our London membership base with our new mobile dating apps,” says managing director, Brett Harding. “AdMob’s latest technology means that we can be sure that only users in London are viewing our ads. This results in minimal marketing wastage, and in turn delivers a much lower cost-per-acquisition – a fundamental objective of our business.”

Thomas Schulz, managing director at AdMob EMEA, says AdMob’s initial tests have shown that the technology offers a very effective way for organisations to target users and drive more relevant traffic to their websites.

“As mobile technology continues to evolve, we are seeing a lot of new possibilities open up for the advertising industry,” says Schulz. “Were particularly excited about geo-targeting as it makes it even easier for advertisers to reach the right people. Ultimately this means that advertisers get a far greater return on their investment and users see less irrelevant advertising.”’s mobile media advertising agency, Fetch Media, predicts a rapid adoption of the technology. James Connelly, managing director at Fetch Media says: “The best-performing ads are obviously the most relevant ones. Geo-targeted real-time ads are a big step towards total relevance, and we are proud to have worked with AdMob to bring it to the UK marketplace.”