What a way to end the day. For AdMob in any event. The best-known and longest-established mobile ad network is being bought by Google for $750 million, representing Google’s biggest move into mobile yet.
It’s a deal that will likely send shock waves around this nascent industry, or at least round all the other mobile ad networks out there. Yesterday, they were up against AdMob. Today, they’ve got Google to contend with. 
We’ll try and round up some views and analysis overnight of what the deal might mean for Google, for AdMob, for publishers, for brands, and for the mobile marketing and advertising industry, and present these tomorrow. In the meantime, you can read more about what Hamoui makes of the deal here.
As for AdMob VP, Global Alliances, Russell Buckley, he might have to consider renaming his long-running blog MobHappy. AdMobHappy is surely more like it.