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Admoda Goes Football Crazy

David Murphy

Mobile advertising network Admoda is offering its clients a 10% rate card reduction on all new bookings for ad campaigns which have a football theme until the end of the Euro 2008 tournament. Admoda says the offer will allow advertisers to capitalise on the passionate football frenzy which will sweep Europe when the tournament gets underway on Saturday.

Admoda says it is the perfect advertising channel for companies running Euro 2008 campaigns, as specific campaigns can be targeted at specific countries. Advertisers can create blanket campaigns covering all participants in Euro 2008 or create individual campaigns for the teams taking part, and promote each campaign in each country.

Admoda says the promotion is ideal for football-related mobile content such as football  mobile games and team wallpapers, and for brands who are running a series of football-related campaigns targeting specific countries.
Admoda serves millions of ads each day, using static banners, animated banners, and text ads.