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Admoda Heads For 2bn Requests per Month

David Murphy

Admoda, together with its adult-themed partner service Adultmoda says it has seen an acceleration in the number of quality publishers joining its network. Since the start of the year, requests to Admoda and Adultmoda have risen to over 1.5 billion per month, and are set to reach 2 billion per month in the near future. The company also reports high re-book rates from advertisers, with approximately 90% of advertisers choosing to re-book. It is also set to introduce new ad units for Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android phones.
Admoda CEO Terry Jackson believes the success is due to high payouts, high CTRs, and consistently high fill rates in key countries, giving publishers high eCPMs. He says:
One record month is following another, and we are gaining a reputation for having a solution that delivers great results for publishers. We always share our success with our clients - advertisers benefit from great promotional deals, and publishers receive the highest payouts in the industry - up to 85%.