Admoda Traffic Doubles in Last 12 Months

Mobile ad network Admoda and its Adult version Adultmoda say they have more than doubled in size during the last 12 months, and are now seeing combined traffic levels of over 7.5bn ad impressions per month.

CEO Terry Jackson attributes the growth to a number of factors, including the company’s development methodology. “We only develop features and tools that the majority of our clients need, to maximise current and upcoming market opportunities in mobile traffic,” he says. “Being funded by profit means we have to carefully decide where to channel our available resources. It also means we focus on making money rather than spending it, which requires a very different approach to business compared to many of our competitors. I believe the growth we have seen since our launch four years ago is testament to the success of this strategy.”

Jackson adds that both networks reject around 70 per cent of all publisher registrations, meaning ads are only served on quality sites and in quality apps, delivering higher returns for advertisers and more money for publishers.
Recent additions to the customer interface include an overhaul of country and handset data presentation, a new campaign planner for advertisers and a comprehensive revenue breakdown per country for publishers.