Adnams Takes the Pub Quiz Mobile

Suffolk brewer Adnams has launched an iPhone Pub Quiz app. Created by digital agency Crafted Media, the free app poses over 2,000 questions and allows players to view how they fared compared to other pub quizzers, courtesy of the Adnams Leaderboard. For Adnams fans, there’s a category dedicated to the brewer, in addition to classic Pub Quiz categories such as General Knowledge, Food and Wine, Sport and History.

The app includes two types of quiz, the Traditional Pub Quiz and a Quick Fire Quiz. In the Traditional Pub Quiz, players answer five questions in each category before the time runs out, using lifelines to either dodge a question or reveal an answer.
The Quick Fire Quiz poses a series of random questions from any category, with two lifelines to keep players in the game.

“The new app is a light-hearted game that will appeal to our customers and allow them to test their competitive spirit against other Adnams pub quizzers out there,” says Adnams’ head of web. Sean Clark. “We’re delighted to launch a pub quiz that for once, doesn’t require you to put your phone away! We’re already getting some great feedback, with over 5,500 downloads in the app’s first week and it has even reached number one in the Apple Store’s trivia category.”

The Adnams Pub Quiz app is available on iTunes and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch andiPad.