Adobe Launches HTML5 Pack for Illustrator

Adobe has released the Adobe HTML5 Pack for Adobe Illustrator CS5, the vector graphics software that is used extensively by designers of mobile device and web content. The pack provides initial support for HTML5 and CSS3 and extends the scalable vector graphics (SVG) capability in Illustrator, making it easier to design, deliver and optimise compelling content for mobile devices and the web.

The HTML5 enables web designers and developers to take advantage of the latest advancements in HTML5 through enhanced integration between Illustrator CS5 and Adobe  Dreamweaver CS5 software. SVG generated by Illustrator can be displayed directly in compatible browsers, while Illustrator can be used to generate CSS code for styling of HTML content.

“Producing graphical web content that can be viewed across mobile devices has been tricky, with devices varying greatly when it comes to screen size and performance,” says Lea Hickman, senior director, creative and interactive solutions at Adobe. “The HTML5 Pack for Illustrator CS5 gives designers and developers the power to deliver high-quality graphic content for the web that can look great, no matter what the screen.”

The HTML5 Pack for Illustrator provides features that enable users to take advantage of the latest developments in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and Canvas for easy multi-screen authoring. The SVG and Canvas enhancements also simplify interactive web content development.

Designed to complement the recently released HTML5 technology release for Dreamweaver, the technology enhances integration between Illustrator and Dreamweaver, making it easier to design and develop with the latest, emerging web standards. Users can also create web widgets with Illustrator by generating dynamic vector art for data-driven web workflows, and map artwork appearance attributes from designer to developer tools by exporting from the Illustrator Appearance Panel to CSS3 for streamlined styling of web pages.

The HTML5 Pack extension for Illustrator CS5 is available for both Mac OS X and Windows and can be downloaded for free here. Illustrator CS5 is available through the Adobe Store, Adobe Direct Sales and Adobe Authorised Resellers for around £600.