Q&A: Adobe VP of Marketing on the cornerstones of AI – responsibility, accountability & transparency

Mobile Marketing Magazine sits down with Adobe’s, Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Communications, Stacy Martinet to address the implications of AI on deepfakes, the fusion of AI and storytelling and staying ahead of trends.

How do you see the role of mobile marketing evolving in the context of broader shifts in consumer behaviour and preferences?

“The rapid adoption of mobile, in particular the high consumption of social media content and video, has revolutionised the dissemination of information and changed how marketers communicate our messages. I see this as two big shifts in marketing – being story-led and social-first. 

“Story-led marketing is moving from traditional campaigns to more personalised, purposeful, and real-time content creation. While social-first marketing is shifting from simply publishing content to creating content that fosters dialogue, feedback, and engagement.”

What role does Adobe play in shaping the future of marketing strategy, particularly in the digital landscape?

“Adobe plays an important role in shaping the future of marketing strategy by providing creators and marketers with the tools they need to craft personalised experiences and engaging content. We empower our customers to meet the demands of their consumers through Adobe’s suite of products focused on content creation, digital experiences, analytics, and customer engagement.

“As the marketing landscape evolves, especially with the use of AI, Adobe’s tools will continue to help creators and marketers adapt to evolving consumer trends and preferences.

How does Adobe adapt to the  needs and preferences of marketers in an increasingly competitive market?

“Adobe’s products touch billions of people, and the decisions we make about how we ship — not just what we ship — matter. This is why we have always been intent on doing the right thing for our employees, customers, and communities. 

“This has never been more important as we all embark on this new frontier of generative AI. Adobe has been thinking deeply about commercial safety, creator protection and AI policy ideas that foster innovation while supporting safety and addressing the implications of AI on deepfakes. 

“Our approach to generative AI is guided by three principles: responsibility, accountability, and transparency. We believe that placing thoughtful safeguards around AI development and use will help realise the full potential of AI to benefit society.”

How does Adobe support marketers in creating personalised and engaging customer experiences across different touch points?

“Every creator and business around the world is focused on building their brand and engaging their audiences through creativity and compelling content. Adobe is bringing continuous AI innovation to Creative Cloud and Adobe Express, removing the blank page and enabling powerful and approachable creative expression for users.

“With Adobe’s Experience Cloud, we are enabling marketers in the enterprise to unify customer data across their organisation and have a single view of customers across every channel, with AI analysing data and delivering actionable insights in real time. Whether you are a solopreneur, nonprofit, SMB or larger enterprise, Adobe’s suite of products allows you to reach customers in ways that are personalised, fast, easy, and fun.”

How does Adobe address the growing importance of mobile marketing in today’s digital ecosystem?

“The fusion of AI and storytelling brings forth a new era of personalised, real-time, and socially driven marketing, revolutionising the way brands connect with their audiences. This new generative era is seeing a greater demand for content that is localised, personalised for each of us, made for many mediums and customised for new immersive experiences.

“From Adobe Firefly generative capabilities integrated into tools like Photoshop to Adobe Express, which is democratising creativity beyond design teams by giving marketers the ability to create, collaborate and deliver on-brand content velocity at scale, to the insights and personalisation at scale we deliver through our Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.”

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How does Adobe collaborate with clients to develop and execute successful marketing campaigns, and what role does creativity play in this process?

“To drive growth, brands are looking to create differentiated experiences and run campaigns with greater speed, scale, and relevance to their audiences.

“Adobe brings together the most comprehensive creative and marketing technology with groundbreaking AI to unleash creativity, scale production, and unlock strategic capacity across the enterprise. 

Looking ahead, what trends do you foresee shaping the future of marketing, and how is Adobe positioning itself to stay ahead of these trends?

“Two key areas stand out for me: generative AI-driven creativity and digital concierge services. Already we’re starting to see the ways that generative AI can streamline tasks for marketers and creatives. 

“How will this trend evolve further and how will it impact marketing and creative spending? Meanwhile, with digital concierge services, the possibilities for marketers are endless. From a communications function, for example, there is the notion of insights from docs, generating summaries, and writing emails, which plays into team productivity and efficiency when you’re expected to do more with less. 

“Regarding our approach, we involve customers in our product feedback loop– particularly with our AI tools, as we want to deeply understand what our customers are using and how can we continue to simplify their workflows. Authentic connection to our community of marketers and creators also drives us to continuously push the boundaries of our story-led marketing approach.”