Adobe Working On New Full-screen Smartphone Ad formats

Adobe is collaborating with six leading digital advertising companies to define two new full-screen ad formats for smartphones that support Adobe Flash Player 10.1 software and/or HTML5. As mobile advertising becomes an increasingly important medium to drive brand awareness and purchase intent, Adobe says the new formats will give agencies the ability to retain control over creative design and development, while providing technical requirements to help ensure a consistent and interactive user experience.

Adobe is collaborating with Greystripe, Medialets, EyeWonder, MediaMind, PointRoll and Sprout. The companies will work to promote the ad formats across the online ad ecosystem, including agencies and trade associations, such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

By using a common format, says Adobe, agencies and publishers can increase efficiency in ad creation, trafficking, delivery and reporting. In addition, since ads authored in Adobe Flash Professional can be delivered to devices that support Flash Player 10.1 or converted for HTML5 using various automated technologies, existing production workflows are preserved, decreasing the time between ad concept and delivery. The current formats are designed to provide reach across major mobile platforms, and will eventually expand to tablets and other new device classes.

There are two new ad formats. The first is FS-microsite: Rather than expanding to a static image in a full-screen banner, this ad format requires interactive product details and/or lead capture be built into the full-screen expansion. It lets users stay in context and not be taken to a web-browser, delivering more information in a rich, interactive experience, to help drive brand recognition and awareness.

The second is FS-video. This ad format delivers re-purposed broadcast ads or other high-quality video advertising to the end user, optimising bandwidth and allowing agencies and publishers to re-use broadcast advertising assets for mobile.

“Our work with the advertising industry will define a new model for ads units and ad measurement in a marketing world being transformed by mobile communications,” says John Loiacono, senior vice president and general manager, Digital Media Solutions at Adobe. “These new ad formats are a first step in establishing an industry example that is cross-platform and expected to become the volume standard on smartphones, reaching across the broadest number of platforms and devices worldwide.”