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Adobe Ramps Up Media Optimizer with Location, DCO and Video Capabilities

David Murphy

adobe_logo.jpgAdobe has unveiled a raft of new advertising capabilities to its Adobe Media Optimizer solution to enable brands to deliver more personalized messages and offers. The new additions include improved analytics and tools to help serve the most relevant content at scale and in real-time, including support for video ads and mobile audience and location data. In addition, new integrations within Adobe Marketing Cloud will enable advertisers to tap into a wider set of consumer data to reach audiences across channels.

To enable advertisers to deliver creative content at scale, Adobe has integrated its Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) solution across Adobe Marketing Cloud. Support for video ads in Adobe Media Optimizer enables brands to buy and optimize both standard video on the web and on platforms such as Facebook, with access to open exchanges, private marketplaces and social networks.

Via new integrations with Adobe Analytics and Mobile Core Services SDK, Adobe Media Optimizer now offers a complete view of the customer journey from app installation to usage behavior to conversions. Adobe said the data can then be used to target prospects that are most likely to convert, driving downloads through more personalized ads and better campaign optimization. Adobe Media Optimizer can now also leverage location information to adjust bids on search ad impressions. These bids can be adjusted in real-time based on the conversion probability for individual geographies. Finally, integration with Adobe Analytics will enable advertisers to accurately analyze ad performance and report actionable findings.

“Consumers’ expectations of online experiences continue to increase, with 85 per cent of consumers stating they prefer ads that are tailored to their personal interests,” said Justin Merickel, vice president, digital advertising at Adobe. “The advancements in Adobe Media Optimizer and further integrations across Adobe Marketing Cloud give brands the confidence to deliver exceptional ad experiences across digital touch points.”