Ads Coming to Snapchat Soon, Says CEO Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel (right) with Michael Bloomberg
Evan Spiegel (right) with Michael Bloomberg

CEO Evan Spiegel has confirmed that photo messaging app Snapchat will be adding ads in the near future, as part of the apps Stories feature.

Speaking to Katie Couric at Vanity Fairs New Establishment Summit, Spiegel said: “Were cutting through the new technology around ads to the core of it, which is telling a story. People are going to see the first Snapchat ads soon, theyre going to be around our Stories product.”

The Stories feature, which rolled out at the end of August, enables users to link together videos and photos within the app, forming a slideshow of content based around a single event.

The adverts will be opt-in, with users able to look at them or skip them, and will not be targeted initially. Given the nature of the Stories feature, its likely they will instead be based around the event in question, with music ads for concerts, for example.