Ads optimised for mobile significantly increase brand metrics for advertisers – report

Mobile adsAds that aren’t optimised for mobile are creating negative perceptions of advertisers, the platforms the ads are on, and the brands advertised, according to research from the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB UK).

A survey of 1,200 UK adults revealed that 78 per cent of people are annoyed by ads that aren’t tailored to their smartphone device, while 37 per cent of respondents blamed this on the website or platform and 33 per cent blamed the advertised brand itself.

These findings are interesting because 84 per cent of respondents also said they prefer for the internet to remain free with ads, as opposed to having to pay a fee to access an ad-free experience.

“As digital advertising matures, it’s important the UK is leading the charge in building a sustainable future for our industry,” said Tim Elkington, chief digital officer at IAB UK. “A sustainable future is about making the experience work for everyone in the digital ecosystem, most importantly, people. Context is not a new concept, but we are still seeing a lot of ads not fit for purpose, and this report shows there are big benefits for brands that optimise for smartphones.”

The IAB UK study found that even quick fixes on smartphone ads can make a difference. Optimised smartphone ads were found to increase brand consideration by 56 per cent, likelihood to find out more by 50 per cent, preference by 44 per cent, trust by 33 per cent, and perception of premium by 21 per cent.

Furthermore, a shorter, optimised online video ad was found to have higher likelihood of being watched in full, while being perceived as creative, engaging, and attention-grabbing.