AdSecure introduces protection against malicious native ads

AdSecure native malwareAd verification platform AdSecure has added native ad protection to its suite of solutions aimed at fighting digital threats and malware within online advertising.

Traditionally, malicious native ads look harmless and all the damage is done once the user has clicked on the advert, attacking at multiple points throughout the redirection chain. In order to address this, AdSecure has introduced a ‘new click option which scans and analyses the entire redirection chain from native widget display to the final ad’s landing page. Doing so is aimed at understanding and identifying what will happen to the user post-click and putting a stop to this.

“The native ad format has proved to be incredibly popular and effective both on social media platforms and more traditional news media sites,” said Mathieu Derval, product manager at AdSecure. “With the exponential growth of native ad placements, criminals are using this format to inflict cybercrime after the end user engages with the native ad. The end user can then fall victim to a redirection hijack that sends them to a malicious, or offensive landing page. AdSecure’s technology ensures that end users, publishers, ad operations teams and ad networks are fully protected with our new click option, taking creative security to the next level.”