AdSemble launches self-serve platform for digital billboard ads

Online digital out of home (DOOH) advertising marketplace AdSemble has launched a self-serve platform to enable small businesses to buy ads on digital billboards across the US.

Through AdSemble’s Open Display, businesses are able to set a weekly budget and select a region for their ad to be display. They then upload creative following certain specifications and Open Display’s algorithm ‘automatically’ serves the ad to ‘most optimal digital billboard locations within your region, budget and desired date range’.

Once a campaign is live, advertisers can run a report to see where their ad appeared and the total number of impressions it delivered.

Open Display is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area but AdSemble ‘plans to expand the platform to other major markets in the US’.

“Today’s launch reflects our strategic view that bringing scaled digital out of home advertising solutions to the SMB market is essential in helping them drive the right outcomes,” said Matthew J. Olivieri, founder and CEO of AdSemble. “By making high impact DOOH advertising accessible in a fully automated manner, we can help SMBs create authentic, compelling advertising that was previously unattainable.”