adsmobi Issues Mobile Ad Warning

Mobile advertising must overcome the growing disconnect between technological advances and the broader realm of mobile buyers and planners being asked to use new platforms if the sector is to fulfils its promise of exponential revenue growth. That’s one of the key findings of a whitepaper just released by mobile media buying platform, adsmobi.

The whitepaper, Using Mobile DSPs to Connect the Entire Universe, was produced in conjunction with mobile research firm, mobilesquared, and looks at the role of DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) in the mobile marketing ecosystem. It concludes that, in order for mobile advertising to mirror the exponential growth experienced in the online advertising space over the last decade, the service and all its associated platforms must attain mass agency and brand usability; from the largest agency and global brand, right down to the SME and entrepreneurial start-up.

“It is crucial that mobile advertising optimisation disposes of its previously ‘elitist’ epithet and be viewed for what it is – a key tool for all to use as part of audience targeting,” said adsmobi MD and co-founder, Ramy Yared.

The whitepaper argues that DSPs offer a way for agencies, brands and individuals to avoid the disconnect, saying that DSPs simplify the online campaign management process, allowing mobile buyers to plan their mobile advertising campaigns, automate execution and drive additional value through monitoring and adapting deliverables based on real-time trends. 

“Once a brand has formulated the brief, developed the creative and is ready to run, the implementation phase of a campaign using the mobile DSP can take as little as two and a half hours – a significant reduction on the one to five days this could take only 18 months ago,” said Yared. “The optimized performance and transparency afforded to both advertisers and brands by DSPs, along with the speed and accuracy at which they can be deployed, means campaigns now have a greater chance than ever of being successful. It is with this in mind that it is crucial to maintain a dialogue between the start point technology and its end users, thus preventing the chance of a disconnect between the two ever occurring.”

You can download the whitepaper for free here.