Adsquare Reveals Four Additional DSP Partners

adsquare_Logo_WebMobile audience data provider Adsquare has added AdMaxim, LiquidM, StrikeAd and Byyd to its list of approved DSP partners, granting a wider range of advertisers, agencies and trading desks access to its data.

Adsquare offers precise targeting at scale, with over 50m users throughout its core markets in the UK, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and provides rich, reliable data via an ever-expanding choice of platforms.

“The audience data landscape in mobile is growing ever stronger, allowing brands to segment and target in a more granular way and generate valuable insights in doing so,” said Sultan Khan, co-founder of AdMaxim. “Adsquare is a key player in this landscape and we are delighted to bring their audience segments into the AdMaxim platform.”

With an estimated 68 per cent of mobile ads bought programmatically in 2014, the trend towards using software-as-a-service platforms is also increasing, and almost all of the DSPs integrated into Adsquare offer this service.

“Todays industry is data-driven,” said Victor Malachard, CEO of Byyd. “Valuable data in programmatic is key to reaching the right consumers at scale with the relevant message in real-time. Integrating with Adsquare is evidence of the huge importance of data and the interest in automated buying in the advertising world.”

“The demand for audience data is the main driver for branding ad spend in mobile programmatic,” said Gavin Stirrat, chief operating officer at StrikeAd. “With Adsquare, we can take this data and cross reference it with granular information on location, demographics and other behaviours to create a holistic view of the consumer.”