Talking Programmatic with Adsquare

Andy Beames, UK general manager at Adsquare, talks to Mobile Marketing about targeting, measurement, and the future of digital out of home

Mobile Marketing: Tell us about Adsquare
Andy Beames: Adsquare is a data marketplace – we aggregate disparate data sources – from background SDK sourced location data, all the way through to credit card purchase data, socio-demographic data and even app usage.

All told, there are over 80 branded data partners in our marketplaces.

MM: And what are the use cases for these data sets?
AB: The main use cases for the data are:

  1. Targeting. Via the range of audience data and real-time pre-bid integrations that we have with destination partners such as DSPs, our audience segments can be used to activate media campaigns across multiple channels – digital, audio and out of home (OOH).

We’re 100 per cent data only – we don’t deal in media and inventory at all so are completely agnostic to the media channels and platforms that it’s used for.

  1. Measurement. As an independent data business, we’re able to provide store visit measurement capabilities across a range of DSPs. This allows media buyers to have a full view of the ROI of their media campaign across almost all channels – digital, OOH, even search and YouTube.

MM: You’ve mentioned OOH a few times now, is that an area that Adsquare are actively working in today?
AB: Absolutely, OOH is a really exciting area right now and our data is actively being applied at various stages of the value chain – planning via our own bespoke UI, programmatic activation via our unique pre-bid integrations with DSPs such as TTD, and also store visit measurement.

MM: What does the future of Digital OOH look like?
AB: Digital OOH doesn’t just mean digital screens – it’s far broader and more all-encompassing than that.

It’s programmatic trading – bringing the same level of autonomy and efficiency to OOH that digital has got used to. Programmatic OOH is still very nascent in terms of true programmatic, with real time auctions, but it’s becoming increasingly sophisticated.

It’s also the use of digital data sources for media activation. Using 3rd party data sources in a DSP is something that a digital trader takes for granted – but through a combination of our data partners and our pre-bid DSP relationships, we’re working with partners to run DOOH campaigns in this way already.

This is the start of a really exciting phase for OOH.

Adsquare was one of the sponsors of our recent Programmatic Lunch event. The company offers a real-time mobile-first data exchange, providing advertisers and agencies with access to data to optimise their targeting, measurement, and insights. It has more than 450m user profiles, 72m points of interest recorded, and 120 data providers across over 60 markets. Its clients include McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Converse, Philips, PayPal, Publicis Groupe, WPP, Havas, and more.