Adsquare ties up with Google Marketing Platform and The Trade Desk for footfall solution

McDonalds is one of the first advertisers to use the solution

Real-time data exchange Adsquare has launched a global integration with Google Marketing Platform and The Trade Desk to provide advertisers with real-time Footfall Measurement solutions. The technology is designed to enable brands to measure the success of multi-channel drive-to-store campaigns. The first advertisers to use the technology include McDonalds, Renault and its agency partner Omnicom.
Clients using Google Marketing Platform, The Trade Desk and other DSPs such as FUSIO by S4M, Hawk by Tabmo and Mediasmart can measure store visits based on cross-channel campaigns and attribute them to all formats and channels, including Google search, YouTube, audio and display. Similarly, for a holistic understanding of the consumer journey, adsquare enables offline attribution across multiple channels for other DSPs with cross-device capabilities. adsquare provides precise store-visit data relying on high-quality datasets that adhere to the highest privacy standards, including local regulations such as GDPR.

“Thanks to adsquare’s Footfall Measurement functionality, we can now clearly link our advertisements to restaurant visits and proactively optimize campaigns in real-time,” said Stephanie Pelz, department head marketing CRM & loyalty at McDonald’s. “We definitely plan to leverage real-time visits data to craft more successful digital marketing campaigns.”
The solution enables advertisers to measure in-store visits for all digital media activations, including display, video, audio and search; analyze which creatives, devices and targeting criteria drive the most visits to their physical outlets; and get a better handle on return on investment and make more informed decisions about ad creatives, inventory, bid strategies, and other elements of digital campaigns.

Flavien Taquet, head of media at Renault Group France, said: “In the past few years, we have been looking for ways to reconcile our marketing efforts to our in-store traffic. Thanks to adsquare’s ability to measure footfall directly in Campaign Manager, we are now able to connect our digital advertising campaigns with in-store visits to Renault dealerships. What has captured our attention is the possibility to measure our digital campaigns irrelevant of device type or channel. It is a particularly important feature to us when measuring the impact of our Open Days campaigns.”