AdTheorent Integrates Commerce Signals, Leveraging Purchase Insights

AdTheorent Integrates Commerce SignalsPredictive audience targeting solutions provider AdTheorent has integrated with Commerce Signals, which connects advertisers and publishers with insights from financial institutions. Through the integration, AdTheorent aims ‘to enable optimisation and measurement of digital media campaigns based on actual online and in-store purchases’.

The engagement will provide AdTheorent with access to insights about incremental sales, sales lift, total sales, and more. Through the insights, the New York-based internet marketing service aims to optimise campaigns through data points such as ‘online and in-store purchases, demographic, psychographic, geographic and creative type variables’.

“As a result of our partnership with Commerce Signals, we can now utilise purchase insights to further fuel our machine learning platform to model toward the most favourable audiences,” said Rick Dalton, VP of yield and data strategy at AdTheorent.  “This integration has allowed us to demonstrate cross-channel sales lift resulting from the digital advertising campaigns that we handle for our clients, validating the effectiveness of AdTheorent’s predictive targeting.”

Commerce Signals connects advertisers, agencies and publishers to aggregate insights from ‘approximately 70 per cent of US card-based purchases in near real time’.

“The combination of retail CRM data plus AdTheorent’s predictive targeting is a really effective way of identifying the audience with the highest probability of engagement,” said Adam Paulisick, CPO at Commerce Signals. “Taking that a step further, Commerce Signals can measure how these audience targets are responding to advertising both in-store and online. The sales insights can then be used to improve the campaign while in-flight and inform future decisions.”