AdTruth Bridges Mobile Web and App Ads

AdTruth has added mobile web to app bridging to its DeviceInsight technology, enabling marketers to identify users across mobile web and app content.

Few mobile devices store cookies, making tracking and targeting difficult, and app and web content produce two distinct identities for a single user with overlap as high as 90 per cent in some cases, according to AdTruth. Bridging capabilities deal with this limitation to create a single shared identity.

“The size, scope and marketing potential of the mobile industry continues to be underestimated,” says James Lamberti, vice president and general manager of AdTruth. “Mobile gaming revenue alone is nearly at par with Hollywood. It’s incredible. Unfortunately, though, the capabilities for marketers to reach their audiences on mobile devices are very limited. What we’ve introduced today – the ability to recognise a single user across mobile apps or their mobile browser – is a big step toward removing a critical barrier to effective audience targeting. It’s going to allow marketers to do so much more.”