Adventure Retailer Moosejaw Adopts iPod touch for PoS

Outdoor apparel retailer Moosejaw has implemented a mobile point of sale solution across its stores in the US Midwest. 

The solution, from cross-channel retail technology firm CrossView, is based on the Apple iPod touch. The system aims to deliver the kind of functionality traditionally associated with freestanding PoS systems, such as sales transactions, whilst allowing sales staff to roam the store. 

The iPod touch device is connected to a Linea Pro cradle, which features a magnetic stripe reader and barcode scanner. The device is integrated into the retailers CrossView Cross-Channel Commerce platform, which was deployed in 2008 to unify call centres, PoS, and online commerce on a single platform with a single view of products, pricing, inventory, marketing, promotions and customers. 

The company says the system allows sales staff to better serve customers anywhere in the store, and also helps reduce checkout queues and saves space in the store. Moosejaw says it garners a positive customer experience, improving loyalty. 

“This is the next logical step in removing barriers between our customers and sales staff,” says Eoin Comerford, senior vice president of marketing and technology at Moosejaw. “Creating that close connection with customers online and in stores is a big part of our brand, and the CrossView Mobile POS plays to that strength.”

“The value is very clear – better service, improved visibility, empowered sales associates, stronger revenue streams,” says Mark Fodor, CEO of CrossView. Moosejaw also plans to outfit new stores with the handheld technology as it expands into more markets over the next 12 months.

A CrossView case study of the Moosejaw implementation can be read here