Adverty and Drive Ahead! developer Dodreams announce exclusive in-game ad partnership 

Adverty, the leading in-game advertising provider and multi-patent-holding creator of Metaverse-ready ad opportunities, has unnveiled an exclusive global partnership with the leading games developer Dodreams, as it launches seamless In-Playads inside Dodreams’ hugely popular Drive Ahead! Game – enabling advertisers to grasp immersive advertising opportunities within the top-tier game.

Dodreams is using Adverty’s technology to show unobtrusive and contextually relevant ads to its huge and ever-growing community, with Adverty’s In-Play ads prominently displayed in the game arena and throughout the interface.

Often described as the best of the head-to-head battlers, Drive Ahead! is a gladiatorial arena racing game that boasts over 225m organic downloads and more than a million fans on video platforms. Now seven years old, the game continues to grow in popularity, having been featured multiple times on both iOS and Android app stores.

“We see in-game advertising as our most promising and also fastest-growing source of revenue,” said Dodreams CEO, Erik Pöntiskoski. “In fact, we are expecting in-game ads to contribute more than 10 per cent of revenue in the next 12 months. But we do more than games – we do dreams! Our mission is to craft shared moments of thrill for players and Adverty’s seamless technology enables ads which contribute to the realism and immersion of gameplay, hence our exclusive and long-term partnership.”

Thorbjorn Warin, Chief Supply Officer at Adverty, added: “With players from all over the world and fantastic engagement, Dodreams is an incredible developer, its team expertly managing to focus both on the long and the short term. The addition of Drive Ahead! to our growing portfolio represents a huge boost to our already considerable inventory of car-focused games. It enables fantastic integrations and deep product placement and branding opportunities for our advertisers, who recognise that seamless in-game advertising represents the next step in ad monetisation. We are delighted to add yet another world-leading gaming title to our growing inventory of best-in-class entertainment and we are looking forward to working closely together.”

Car and racing-themed games remain the fastest growing vertical in Adverty’s inventory, with five new games added in the past few months alone. This vertical remains highly sought after by advertisers keen to reach a well-defined, primarily male audience of gamers around the world. The major and exclusive partnership between Adverty and Dodreams comes at a time when growing numbers of advertisers are seeking to communicate and advertise within the virtual worlds in which so many of us socialise, play, work and learn.