Aerserv Launches Mobile Video RTB Platform

AerServ Josh Speyer: Mobile-first video mediation platform AerServ has launched its mobile RTB (Real Time Bidding) platform out of private beta. It enables mobile video buyers to purchase mobile video inventory across Aerserv’s platform which includes billions of daily mobile video ad impressions. Aerserv mobile video RTB is based on the OpenRTB standard. The company says it has over 20 RTB integrations lined up for Q1 2015.

While many buyers are accustomed to buying desktop display and video programmatically, access to an aggregation of the scale and quality of mobile in-app video has not been possible prior to the launch of Aerserv, the company claims. It adds that publishers using Aerserv RTB are seeing increases in CPMs in excess of 40 per cent and fill rates of double their previous levels.

Programmatic technologies are seeing rapid industry adoption. A September 2014 BI Intelligence report states that RTB will account for over $18.2bn in US digital ad revenues in 2018, up from just $3.1bn in 2013, and notes that mobile and video ads are the primary drivers of this growth.

“The demand for RTB is unquestionably there, yet there are very few platforms that offer access to this volume of mobile video inventory at scale,” said AerServ CEO, Josh Speyer. “Advertisers shouldn’t have to choose between reach and results. We are thrilled to offer access to not just more publishers but the best publishers, significantly increasing engagement rates while simultaneously decreasing the strain on media buyers.”