Affordable Downloads

Markridleyneversq_1 UK mobile content and messaging company Neversquare has launched a non-subscription service that it says makes it easy for mobile phone users to download and share high quality photos, ringtones and wallpapers, send SMS, and create clever MMS messages combining photos and audio without paying exorbitant charges. 
Among the features available on the Neversquare site are an MMS designer, which enables users to upload their own music and photos and combine them to create interesting effects. They can then send the resulting multimedia file to their own phones to apply as wallpaper or ringtones, or to friends mobiles in MMS format.
Neversquare also offers an internet image search service, where it finds a picture of anything the user desires and sends it directly to any mobile. The service also features a low-cost ringtone search which trawls the internet to find the right tune and charges 25p for the delivery and nothing for the content.
Neversquare also has its own picture sharing forum which encourages members to pool their best photos. Users upload photos or animations and, when someone else downloads these files, they win credits which pay to send messages through the service. As a result, thousands of decent images are available on the site free of charge.
“We are trying to go for volume and attract a high user base” says Neversquare director, Mark Ridley (pictured). “There seem to be lots of companies out there charging extortionate amounts of money for downloads. I consider anything more than what we charge to be an absolute rip-off. All we are doing it moving bits and bytes around to a mobile phone.”
To join Neversquare and start using the service, users register at Users receive 50 free credits worth two MMS, two wallpapers or two ringtones and, each week, Neversquare will top up their account to 25 credits, meaning at least one free message can be sent.