AgeCheq SDK for Kid-friendly Apps

AgeCheq has unveiled a free SDK to enable app developers to easily comply with privacy laws around children, as well as giving parents a platform to monitor their kids app usage.

App developers may be breaking the law if they have not updated mobile apps to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the US. The mobile element of the act came into force in July to deal with data collection and behavioral marketing activity. Millions of dollars in fines have already been handed down to companies like Sony, Disney and Path.

AgeCheq provides an iOS, Android and HTML5 SDK that is added to an app to ensure it is privacy compliant. Apps can be tested and updated to the relevant app store within one day, the company said. The company verifies the identity of each parent and then provides a dashboard that shows data capture and storage information, as well as giving them the power to add or revoke approval of an app.

The AgeCheq logo tells parents an app is compliant.