Agent Provocateur Invites You to a WhatsApp Ménage à Trois

Tyrone Stewart

Agent ProvocateurFashion brand Agent Provocateur is set to launch a WhatsApp Ménage à Trois, in collaboration with creative agency Cult LDN, as part of its ‘Naughty or Nice’ Christmas campaign.

Using WhatsApp’s group chat function, the British lingerie retailer is encouraging women to explore their naughty or nice sides with the WhatsApp Ménage à Trois. Women are invited, with their partners, to interact with an Agent Provocateur agent – who will partake in a conversation to help uncover their Christmas Wish List and suggest accordant items from the Agent Provocateur Christmas collection to suit their personality.

The Ménage à Trois will run Tuesday to Saturday for two weeks, starting 6 December. It will be available from 6 to 8pm between Tuesday and Friday, and 10am-12pm Saturday.

To join the Ménage à Trois, users must add the number 07916969690 and an Agent Provocateur agent will be available to chat to the couple.

The campaign initially launched with a dual-sided interactive video to guide women to their naughty or nice side. It will be represented throughout the business from the brand website and social media to in-store.